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Judge extends order blocking Trump's revised travel ban
US News Last night
The federal judge in Hawaii who temporarily blocked President Trump's travel ban from going into effect has extended the order indefinitely.
Shark spotted in Queensland floodwaters
Today 3 hours ago
Tropical Cyclone Debbie is turning into a real-life sharknado after a bull shark was spotted in floodwaters near Ayr, Queensland. Authorities are reminding those in flooded areas not to enter floodwaters under any circumstances.
Daily Show stirs suspicions with 'Russian hack' mid-show
Weird Last night
Wednesday's episode of The Daily Show was interrupted by a spinning ballerina, Russian text and a link to something called "" Turns out it was less "hack" and more stunt.

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Researchers reconstructed what a person buried in the medieval ages looked like. See the face of a 700-year-old man:

“Trump is the gift that keeps on giving”: Enraged small donors are plowing millions into campaigns for Democrats

the guy who assaulted me and damaged my property is now trying to threaten me into silence. seems appropriate.

WATCH: One of the world's most elusive and mysterious octopuses has been caught on video

we're packed into a car w 9 people and david is steadily editing. i wish i was that passionate about literally anything in my life

11 comics for people who love their headphones too much

The Overwatch World Cup is back! 🌎🏆 Find out what's new and how you can get involved:

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George Bush after Trump's inauguration: "That was some weird s--t" : report

adding the schott to . ALL verified registrants get a code for a presale starting thursday, 5pm et. first come, first serve.

Ivanka Trump, who is taking an unpaid federal job, was involved in building a hotel in Baku plagued by corruption:

Meet Daisy. She's been pup for adoption for months now but hasn't gotten any applications. 11/10 let's change that


These kids are in HIGH SCHOOL😱

IT Trailer #1 (2017)
Try not to scream.

We dare you to watch the first trailer for IT and not get scared.

"Jose's playing the way that United should," according to Paul Scholes... 😉🎵 Read what else he had to say here:

It’s the you’ve been waiting for! Get your first look at the Scooby Gang back together:


2 days til … Here's a 1st listen to my cover of "Only You” from the soundtrack, inspired by Hannah and Clay's story. Out 3/30!

XXXTENTACION released from jail, announces THREE projects are on the way!

Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853. This print of his doctor is the only etching made by the Dutch artist


If the earth is shaking today,don't worry! It's just the aftershock of the slam heard around the world 30yrs ago today, brother HH

Before this year, we'd NEVER seen a player have multiple 50-point triple-doubles in one season... Now we've seen two. 😳

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